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A Tough Gulf Coast Defense Attorney Who Can Help

When faced with criminal charges in Alabama, you need an experienced and savvy criminal defense attorney. One who will take charge and defend your rights. Walsh Law LLC, in Mobile, is a law firm led by Tom Walsh, an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience.

Attorney Tom Walsh has defended clients accused of serious charges, including murder and federal criminal offenses. If you are accused of a violent crime, DUI, drug charges or weapons crimes, Mr. Walsh brings the force to defend your rights. Bring some balance to the scales of justice when your freedom is at stake and you are up against the resources of a prosecutor focused on a conviction.

Mr. Walsh provides one-on-one attention, listens to you, investigates the charges and pursues legal action, whether that includes getting the charges reduced or dismissed. As an unbending negotiator and skilled litigator, he is always prepared to take your case to trial.

Skilled Legal Advice For A Variety Of Charges

Aggressive, empathetic and always helpful, Mr. Walsh understands the difficulty you face. Through the years, he has represented clients accused of:

  • Violent crimes: murder, homicide, kidnapping, assault and battery, robbery and domestic violence
  • Drug crimes: possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin; manufacturing, distribution and sale of illegal drugs; and illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • White collar crime: identity theft, embezzlement, insider trading, securities fraud, business, corporate and insurance fraud
  • DUI and alcohol-related crimes: first-time or repeat DUI offender, public intoxication and minor in possession of alcohol
  • Property crimes: burglary, theft, arson and vandalism
  • Sex crimes: sexual assault, rape and prostitution
  • Firearms-related charges: unlawful use, illegal possession, possession without a license or permit, and illegal trafficking
  • Federal criminal defense: Drug distribution, conspiracy, carjacking, kidnapping, illegal firearm matters, and gambling

He can help you whether you face state charges like public intoxication or minor theft in Mobile County in Alabama or federal white collar fraud charges for business activity in the Gulf Coast region. Mr. Walsh handles cases from the Mississippi and Alabama coast to the Florida panhandle.

Call A Skilled Lawyer Now

A criminal conviction can negatively affect your personal and professional reputations and follow you for years. You don’t want a criminal conviction on your record. Get in front of it with immediate action. Walsh Law LLC, in Mobile, Alabama, is an experienced law firm led by Mobile native Tom Walsh. He listens, investigates, advocates and defends your rights. For a consultation, contact our office or call 251-415-4287.