There are many consequences that will result from a DUI conviction in Alabama. Some of them, such as losing your driver’s license, you may expect. However, the consequences of a DUI conviction do not end with immediate punishment.

Zacks explains that there are some DUI consequences that you may have never given a single thought to. Such a charge on your record could affect many other areas of your life. This includes your job and your insurance. While you may expect an impact to your auto insurance, did you know there may be an impact to your homeowner’s insurance?

Not the impact you think

Perhaps you assume that a DUI may automatically raise your homeowner’s insurance rates, but that is not the impact it will have. In fact, you may not notice any changes at first. The impact comes gradually, as a result of the other consequences of your criminal conviction.

Financial strain

Receiving a DUI conviction often causes financial strain. All the court costs and penalties can drain your bank account, not to mention that a lack of transportation may make it difficult for you to get work, and you may even lose your job. All this adds up to financial troubles that can wreck your credit. If this happens, you can definitely expect an impact to your homeowner’s insurance.

Felony charges

If your DUI conviction is a felony, you may have even more issues. On top of the direct impact, you could lose your homeowner’s insurance because some companies will not insure felons.

You may not realize all the ways that a DUI conviction may impact your life. Many people seek legal assistance to help them fight the charges or receive lower penalties so that the damage is not so severe.